3 way hybrid car by Chennai student

R Dinesh Kumar of St Joseph's College of Engineering has designed a nine-seat car that uses three fuel sources—solar power, a backup battery and petrol. He had previously come up with 3way hybrid two wheeler 2 years ago and now he has upgraded the design to a four wheeler that can pull a load of 6,000kg, six times more than a regular electric car. He has applied for patents for both the designs.

Usually hybrid cars in the market use brushless DC motor, but this vehicle uses a regular coil-based motor that can be set right locally if it develops a fault. It can also be used 24 hours a day, unlike regular solar models, as it uses electricity and fuel as well. When it is parked, the solar energy can also be stored in the battery.

While regular hybrids can run for 80-100 km on a full battery, the one designed by Dinesh can run for 200km on full charge, with just two units of electricity at a cost of 20. Instead of an engine, the vehicle is fitted with a DC shunt motor, accommodating a normal gear system which can reduce the strain in climbing even a 45°slope.

The vehicle has features, including alerts for short circuit or over-heating of the motor. If the problem is not addressed immediately, the vehicle switches off, ensuring safety of the passengers.

If manufactured in a large scale the vehicle would cost somewhere near 5 lakhs says the engineer.

Published On : Jul 24, 2013


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