Discourse & Book Release by Swami Parthasarathy

Discourse & Book Release by Swami ParthasarathySwami Parthasarathy, acclaimed as the greatest living exponent of Vedanta, is the founder of the Vedanta Academy, a world resource for Vedanta knowledge. In the course of dedicated service to humanity, Swamiji’s outstanding contribution has been to translate subtle philosophical themes into contemporary thought and language for practical living.

Swamiji has authored several books, three of which are best-sellers. His seminars on self-management have met with outstanding response from premier corporate bodies worldwide.

Swamiji’s latest book titled ‘Governing Business and Relationships’, is to be released in Chennai on Aug.31st at Kamaraj Memorial Hall, Chennai.  

‘Governing Business and Relationships’ – A Preview

The book gives the formula for managing the perennial confrontations of the world you live in and rising above to attain complete sovereignty over it.

All the problems that people encounter in their business and relationships converge to one rudimentary issue. It is the total lack of development and use of the intellect. The entire human race is unaware of the power and grandeur of the intellect and makes little use of it while combating the multifarious problems of life.

The intellect and the mind a