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Shrishti School of Culinary Arts and Crafts

Shrishti School of Culinary Arts and Crafts

September 24, 2015

Chennai has seen a sprout of hobbies and recreation centres with a view to create interest in indoor activities and promote creative hobbies among children. One such school of excellence is the Srishti school of Culinary Arts and Crafts, run by Mrs. Latha Mani Rajkumar conducting classes for children between 5 to 15 years to fine tune their creative skills.

Shrishti School of Culinary Arts and Crafts

Art in children starts off with doodling and scribbling and Mrs. Latha believes that with a little care and teaching, the buds can blossom into fine artists. With a faculty of about six artists, 470 students are attending her classes.  The school has flexible hours between 9 in the morning and 6 in the evening and caters to the individual requirement of the students.

Mrs. Latha has this to say, “Colors stimulate the brain, and lights up their imagination.” She says these classes go a long way to help in career and personality development. Culinary skill and presentation are also a form of art, which is included in the school’s curriculum.
“Little artists of today can turn into great artists of tomorrow”, she remarks. The tiny tot achievers fill the hearts of their parents with pride on graduating from these schools.  Mrs. Latha opines that such art schools try to open the windows of the mind to see, observe and appreciate nature in its varied colors and forms and give it a definite shape, color and form.

Srishti school of Culinary Arts and Crafts is located at second link street, C.I.T Colony, Mylapore.

Kaavya Chandrasekaran