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Trauma Care Centre For Children

Trauma Care Centre For Children

September 24, 2015

Trauma Care Centre For Children

On World Trauma Day, Apollo Children’s Hospitals dedicated a state of the art trauma care centre to save little lives, Thiru. T. K. Rajendran, Additional Director General of Police (L&O), Tamilnadu formally inaugurated the centre today. Apollo Children’s Centre for Trauma (ACT), equipped with high tech medical equipments and expertise (physicians and surgeons across anesthesiology and critical care medicine, emergency medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, plastic surgery and radiology) will provide 24X7 trauma care for children with severe and life threatening injuries.

Studies reveal that every year around 10 lakh children die due to injuries and a number of them sustain serious injuries requiring hospitalisations, but these can be avoided by offering timely and quality medical assistance.  ACT is one such dedicated pediatric centre which provides multi disciplinary care approach for children with trauma and multiple injuries that require comprehensive care.

Pertaining to the fact that children are not mini adults and treatments and medical equipments required for elders do not suffice kids, ACT is equipped with high tech medical equipments meant to treat childhood trauma. It is the only trauma centre for children with intracranial pressure monitoring to treat severe traumatic brain injury. The centre is facilitated with in-house blood storage and CT scan facilities, 24 hours Radiology and laboratory services in addition to the special pediatric ambulance service for rapid transfer of children requiring immediate interventions.

Speaking about the children’s centre for trauma, Dr. Indira Jayakumar, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Trauma and Emergency, Apollo Children’s Hospitals said, “According to studies, children who suffer trauma have a better outcome if they receive care in a dedicated pediatric trauma centre. The first hour of trauma in adults is called the "Golden Hour", while in children it is called as the “Platinum 30 minutes" and every minute delay can prove fatal.  Hence Apollo Children’s Centre for Trauma is equipped with high tech medical equipments and multi specialty expertise to save lives of children who require emergency care.”

Apollo Children’s Hospitals held slogan and painting competitions for school students to create awareness among them on safety measures like fastening seat belts, wearing helmets, avoiding mobile phone and consumption of alcohol while driving and winners were awarded with prizes and certificates during the launch.