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Sidney Sladen – The Chennai Man!

Sidney Sladen – The Chennai Man!

September 24, 2015

Sidney SaldenStylish, frank and creative, Sidney S Sladen unravels the secret behind his hit. The fashion guru started off with sketching, when he was in his teens, and grew up stitching attires for dolls. Ever since then his career has had a massive take off, with no regrets.

As a creator of fashion, Sidney believes in designing for all age groups - ‘Maturity’ a line targeted at the older women and those who wore plus sizes, ‘Mervida’  an indo western label conceptualized in 2000, Zundarr - an abstract image that aimed at transforming and revolutionizing masculine image and S3 – launched in 2004, that is  young, vibrant, colourful and affordable.  

Drawing inspiration from nowhere and getting his mind to work even at the peak of frustration this chap has loads of fun in his career. With apt sponsors and backing, Sladen carries his collection to the run way with great simplicity.

So what’s the covert behind his style mantra? “Practicality teamed with comfort” he says in a firm tone. Sladen strongly believes in carrying what is comfortable than what is stylish. On questioning about the current trend, Sladen sides tights, royal blues, tunics and the boogie man look. These looks are making rounds quite frequently in the city, adds Sladen.

Having designed for top models and actors like Trisha, Shreya and Ramya Krishnan, he has transferred the appearance of most people in the industry. But who carries off his collection with explicit grace and ease? Well, the answer pops out instantly- Trisha, he chuckles.

Designing for top actors in Chennai, how far has the city moved into the fashion world? ‘Chennai has traveled quite a long way, with pub culture and other parties; the ‘dressing style’ is slowly taking shape in the city. People have also become extra cautious about their looks and take efforts to match clothes with bags and accessories, to add on the glamour quotient. This depicts that the city is on par with all other metros in terms of fashion.

Sladen is in the big league now, after designing for Tamil films like Manirathnam’s ‘Ayudha Ezhuthu’ and Rajini’s ‘Chandramukhi’. The designer confesses that it is essential for one to balance the script with the costumes, as clothes speak aloud the character. Apart from films, Sidney does not believe in red carpet advertising. To him awards and live shows are an occasion to stage collections, but the recognition at the end is teamed with the Celebs.  

“Being in the lucky lane, my profession is never hit by recession”, he smiles to glory. It’s   true that the craving for clothes will never vanish as long as the earth runs short of women. Despite the recession, people still want to look their best even at the simplest occasion.  

Comparing Indian fashion to the global counter part, Sladen admits that the former makes practical and wearable attires, bearing in mind the culture factor. Nevertheless this designer does side the Hollywood style over Bollywood and Kollywood.  

In the near future, Sladen is for sure to hit the international market. With additional labels under his banner, the man is certain to go places. His advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs is to stay patient and keep their passion going. “Above all luck does predominate the industry for any designer” he signs off.

Pallavi V