Visa Ganapathy : Man Proposes, God Disposes

The wishes of modern man have changed and so has the grants of Gods. There was a time when we listened to stories of man wishing for good wealth and prosperity. Now, there seems to be one wish that has become more than just common. And that is to clear the ‘Visa Procedures’ soon and properly.  The religious sentiments of Chennaiites are so strong that it is not surprising to find ‘Thideer kovils’ all over the city. We embarked on one such journey to find our modern Gods and we bumped upon Visa Ganapathy at Pazhavanthangal.

Visa Ganapathy

Tucked away in Brindavan Nagar in Pazhavanthangal is the temple of Visa Ganapathy. You might be a little taken aback when you spot the ‘temple’ as it is not more than a normal shrine put up outside a house. Mr. R. Jaganaathan, who owns the house, is the fourth generation inherent in the area. Around 23 years ago, Jaganaathan’s father got the little idol of Lord Ganesh from Mahabalipuram to install it outside his house. The frenzy though started only around 5 years ago when people from the neighbourhood started to pray to the Lord for getting visas soon and voila! he did grant them! Now, they have renamed him as Visa Ganapathy and is quite a crowd puller.

Jaganaathan, a retired consultant from Pride Hotels, has many incidents to narrate about the famous temple at his doorstep. “Every day somebody has a story to say or a prayer to offer. Recently a young man had come to offer prayers to the Lord to get a visa to the UK and within weeks of his prayers, he got the visa,” says Jaganaathan. The best part, he says, is that the devotees ultimately become family friends! What just started as a neighbourhood practice has now spread and people now flock in from all parts of TamilNadu to get his blessings.

The family members seem to have taken in the all the attention for good. Jaganaathan has invited a priest to perform pujas everyday for Vinayagar. His wife takes care of all the essentials for the puja every morning. The pujas are performed in the morning, during the ‘Brahma Muhurtham’, considering that it is the auspicious time of any day. You can also call the priest in advance and make arrangements for the puja. A devout Krishna bakta, Jaganaathan is also the face behind the famous ‘Valentine Krishna’ temple that is coming up near Sholingur. “The temple might be finished by next year,” says Jaganaathan.

Well, visa Vinayagar is not alone. To complete the package, there is an America Anjaneyar in the Laskminarashimhar Temple in the same locality, who is believed to make your American dreams come true. Quite popular with the locals, devotees offer butter to the Lord and pray to fly West with ease.  

Jaganaathan sums it all up beautifully by saying “It’s all the belief of the individual”.

For details regarding the pujas for Visa Ganapathy, contact 9444600684

Aishwarya Srinivasan

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Published On : Jun 10, 2010


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