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75 years of excellence: Holy Angels School

75 years of excellence: Holy Angels School

September 24, 2015

They say the school is the second home to kids and teachers are the second mothers. Shaping up young minds is not a run ofn the mill task and this foundation is the base for the individual’s achievements.

Here we have  an  institution which for more than seven decades has laid the foundation for many stalwarts in various fields  for more than seven decades now. Their alumnae roster  has great names like Indra Nooyi, Chitra Arumugam, Sridevi, Revathy, Ramya Krishna, and pop Shalini to name a few. We are talking about Holy Angels convent which  is currently  recently celebrated  75 years of its glorious existence.

Holy Angels School

Standing tall in the ever busy road of T Nagar is Holy Angels A.I. Secondary School. The heritage building, maintained to perfection, is completely another world of kindness and knowledge. A mix of rich past and the willingness and enthusiasm to move forward makes the school reach new heights every academic year.

In a bid to provide quality education to the English and Anglo Indian community in the State, St. Thomas Convent was started in the 1800s. After a couple of amalgamations, the boarding house for the Anglo Indian girls was called Holy Angels and a new land in the then Mambalam was bought. The school eventually took shape in the year 1935 by the Bishop Carvalho and Mary of Passion, Foundress of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. The building, the authorities say, served as the High Court, Law College during the Second World War.  

With truth and charity as their passwords, Holy Angels has come a long way from an all British  institute in pre independence era to an impressive school with imparting knowledge to more than 2,100 students now.  “It is now more of a neighbourhood school,” says Sister Mercy. The kindergarten section, ‘Our Lady’, came into place in the year 1935.

“Some of our old students are our strength even now,” the authorities say. During December don’t be surprised if you spot top business woman Indra Nooyi taking a stroll at their campus and recollecting her school days. The school has many visitors every year as enthusiastic old (sometimes literally!) students pay a visit to the campus. “As it is an old institute, sometimes women even bring their grandchildren to show them around,” they add.  

Continuing the glorious journey are the current champions who have made a mark for themselves in various fields. Science, arts, you name it; they have an outstanding student in that area. International rowing, chess, swimming and karate are some of the sports that their angels have excelled in apart from other achievements.

Sister Mercy says basic understanding and tolerance are the two important factors that a good teacher should possess. “The span of attention of the students has become less. We have to impress them in a small period of time,” says she. The school gives importance to both academic and extracurricular activities. Language and Mathematics labs are the new additions in the campus which gives the opportunity to the students to understand the subjects better. The well stocked library is a relief for the students.

Ask them what is that one quality that is unique to Holy Angles’ and the reply comes in one voice, “The presence of God in the campus is something that keeps us all good and going.”

Aishwarya Srinivasan