Zee TV's DID Super Moms all set to battle it out for the finale

Zee TV's DID Super Moms all set to battle it out for the finale.

This week, these Super Moms had to perform with the top eight contestants of DID L'il Masters. Paired with a super kid for a super performance, this week's acts were nothing but the best of both worlds. A few performances floored the judges and the audience who were present on the sets. DID Li'l Masters winner Faisal and Radhika were put to the test as they had to dance to a Hip Hop number. Matching steps with Faisal, Radhika too won much admiration from the judges. Rohan and Saswati performed an act that was set around a classroom as they danced around a picturesque Solar System straight out of a science class. But the moment of the evening was when Om,the lil master famous for giving challenges, announced a tug of war between the Moms and the kids. With eight of them on either side, it initially looked like the Moms would win it, but just as soft-hearted as Moms are, they soon gave in making way for the kids to win. While this Tug of War was just a game, this is a sneak peek into the next show coming to your screens after the finale of DID Super Moms.

Published On : Aug 13, 2013


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