DID Super Moms gearing up for grand finale

DID Super Moms gearing up for grand finale

Baptized by fire week after week with a new challenges given to them by the skippers and choreographers, these Moms have always put their best foot forward.

The challenge has only gotten tougher, This week, these Super Moms had to perform with the top eight contestants of DID L'il Masters. Paired with a super kid for a super performance, this week's acts were nothing but the best of both worlds.  the top eight contestants Phulwa, Zoya, Mithu, Cesille, Shraddha, Radhika, Juliana, Saswati are all set to battle it out for the finale and just as they say 'May the Best Super Mom win'. Watch DID Super Moms this Sunday 9 PM, only on ZEE TV.

Published On : Aug 10, 2013


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